No Novichok Used In Salisbury Restaurant incident: UK Police

The restaurant was closed as police investigated if there was a link to the Skripal poisonings.

Fears that two people had become the latest victims of Novichok poisoning in Salisbury have been put to rest after UK police said there was nothing to suggest the nerve agent had caused them to fall ill.

A major incident response was triggered on Sunday when a man in his 40s and a woman in her 30s were involved in a "medical incident" at the Prezzo restaurant in the city.

Roads were sealed off and police and paramedics wearing protective suits were deployed in the area amid heightened tensions in the wake of the deadly Novichok attack.

Wiltshire Police said that, due to recent events in the city, a "highly precautionary approach" had been taken by emergency services after the pair fell ill on Sunday evening.

"Both were taken to Salisbury District Hospital and were clinically assessed. We can now confirm that there is nothing to suggest that Novichok is the substance. Both people remain in hospital under observation," the police said in a statement.

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"The major incident status has now been stood down."

Investigators were trying to establish if the pair had been victims of a crime and the restaurant remained cordoned off on Monday morning.